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We've been thinking about creating a platform for Call of Duty games as there currently is no platform supporting these great games. As we've recently seen a lot of interest in Call of Duty games we’ve started developing a new home for them.

Our vision is to create a new platform where people can compete in different games, either for fun, either for money as well as providing content for casual players. In short, we are creating a tournament/community system from scratch, based on our own ideas.

If you want to support the developers who are spending all of their free time on this project or if you want to increase the prizepool for upcoming tournaments, then feel free to donate!

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

As we want everything to be prepared and well-tested before releasing the BETA version we can’t give an exact date yet, but you can expect us to launch in Q1 2020 as you can see on timeline.
Yes. As long as we are only 2 people developing this website, development is little bit slower than we’d like, because we also work full-time jobs. We want you guys to compete as soon as possible, that's why we’ve decided to release the BETA version first. That allows us to test things and gives us more time to develop other features. We promise that the BETA version will include ladders, including a 5vs5 ladder :)
We'll add even more features such as Tournament support, Solo Queue and more :-).
Yes, you need to have an original CD key and you can NOT use a cracked version of the game. This is for security reasons as well as anti-cheat reasons. We understand this may be an issue for some regions, but we simply cannot guarantee a cheat-free ladder if people use cracked versions.
An original CD key can be bought through Steam, any shop in your local region, or online through websites such as Instant-Gaming.com and CDKeys.com You can get a COD4 key for around 7 to 10 euro on these websites.

We cannot guarantee the keys bought from other places than the ones mentioned above to be safe. Use other websites at your own risk.
There are two categories when you click on the donate button. ‘’Support developers’’ and ‘’tournament prizepool’’. When you select ‘’tournament prizepool’’ the donation will go into the prizepool of upcoming tournaments. By selecting the second option you can support us (the developers), but generally all the money still goes back into FPSChallenge (services etc).


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