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Call of Duty 4

HOG x FPSChallenge CoD4 Resurrection LAN Zagreb 2023 - Interview: zABZRWx (ULTRA)

"Anything is possible with this team, the best and the worst can happen." says zABZRWx

1. Hello zABZRWx, first of all I’d like to thank you for taking part in this interview. However, you are an iconic player of our beloved game, and the community could see you in previous LAN events, could you please introduce yourself to the people who do not know you?

Hello, I've been playing this game since 2008 where I played for french teams like oXmoze / Dreamrar and MondialServer. Then, people mostly know me for my time in Phantasmagoria. I attented too many LANs to remember, and I just know i was forever #2. People don't really know that I'm the lead in game and the strat maker in every team I was. I pretty much built some teams from the ground. I am hardworking and passionate, and can be rude when people are not in the same mindset of being the best. It is who I am and why people love or hate to play with me. I've met awesome people during my journey and i'm forever grateful for that. I've been around for ever, and I'm the grandpa of this community with the most childish attitude.

2. Currently you are playing for team ULTRA and your line-up changed in one position compared to the last offline tournament. Could you tell us the story why did you change player in your roster?

The story is pretty simple, the french core just didn't want to continue playing with such atmosphere online that's why we stopped playing after the LAN. I had an argument with G4box which I'm gonna keep for myself. He's young but a good guy after all, at the end of the day its a game we are all passionate about so I wish him the best. I'm glad we took Sam, who is super nice and relax and that's what we needed.

3. One year passed from the last COD4 LAN, what do you think, is the team performance better now than last year? What is different in your team compared to last year? How would you rate the chemistry inside your team now?

We started to play again in June for 1-2 weeks with Sam but then went fully inactive during Summer. Now HYPERION is in Canada so we mostly play late at night, and with mercs. The team is strong individually, and the chemistry is nice as everyone love each others. Anything is possible with this team, the best and the worst can happen. But we surely will be more motivated on LAN.

4. In 2022 you played on two international COD4 LANs in Zagreb and in Budapest with ULTRA and your performance was really outstanding. You brought home bronze medals from Budapest, and then you could step forward and reached the grand final in Zagreb. Unfortunately, you lost the grand final against qwertz, and you had to settle for the silver medal. How did you felt on these LANs last year? How would you rate your performance?

On the last two lans, we performed super good. We had some issues with G4box's brother at Budapest, which make us loose total focus as he was super drunk and agressive. In Zagreb, qwertz was just a better team but we gave them a good fight. So overall I'm super happy with our performances and the memory with the 5 of us will remain in my mind.

5. It seems team qwertz dominates the COD4 LANs nowadays, they won the last two offline tournaments. What do you think what kind of causes are behind their success? What do you think, can you beat them on this upcoming LAN?

Qwertz is a super sick team with guys like BELi / Ljustvo who have good synergy, they take a lot of map control. Then they have two very good AK and ISNO deagling people across the map.

6. You won five games and lost only one game in the FPSChallenge Autumn League 2023 Group Stage, which is really outstanding. How would you rate your online preparation (practice) matches in the last two months? Are you happy with the current form of your team? Did your team practice enough days according to you?

It's pretty hard to get the full line-up to play the Autumn league, but everything is alright, nothing to complain, I hope we will go far.

7. 16 teams are gonna participate on this LAN in Croatia now. What do you think about the teams in general?

I am pretty disappointed that there are only 16 teams going to the LAN. I feel like the game was very inactive, even before the LAN so it's hard to have a clue who's in form or not.

8. The Groups has been revealed few days ago, what do you think about the Groups? Are them balanced based on your opinion? Which one is the strongest and which one is the easiest according to you?

Group A is stronger on paper, but in LAN you never know especially in Group Stage there are always surprises. I think the seeds are good so it's kinda balanced. Last LAN we had qwertz in our group so now it's APES turn to face them and I'm looking forward to it!

9. Which teams you consider as the biggest threat (rival) for ULTRA? Furthermore, who is the player(s) especially who can make hard time for your team?

Our biggest rival is qwertz, as we never beat them on BO3 / BO5. In this team anyone can carry. Skillwise they're very good so all of them are a threat.

10. What is your prediction about TOP3 of this LAN event? Based on your opinion which player(s) has the biggest chance to win the LAN MVP award?

1. qwertz, 2. Unknown, 3. APES. MVP: Ljustvo and COOKIE as usual.

11. What are your expectations about your team’s performance on this Zagreb LAN? What kind of final result would you be satisfied with?

I have no clue, we are not that strong online and we always play better offline. But this time, we didn't practice that much and HYPERION has been away for so long and barely played. If we are on fire, we can be top 3 or even win the LAN. I'd be satisfied with TOP 2 as it's always been my favourite spot for 15 years. :D

12. What do you think, which team will surprise the community? Who is your secret favorite, that is underestimated by the other teams, but you know they will perform really well?

WAPANDA is my secret favorite, they're very good and they're all from Netherlands, which is an advantage for teamwork. APES too, they didn't play that much but they always perform even if people are rating them below qwertz and Unknown.

13. We have seen some promising pictures from the LAN venue, and you already played two times in this esport arena. How would you rate the HOG esport arena? Are you feeling hyped about the upcoming event?

The venue is very good, and I'm always hyped to go to LAN wherever it is. I just hope we will change country and discover new places, to make it a new adventure and new memories.

14. Thank you for taking part in the interview. Is there anything you'd like to add?

Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of COD4 history once again. I recently learned that a lot of players, started to play because they loved watching me back in the days at my prime. Being seen as an iconic player warms my heart. I'm old, i'm grumpy, arrogant but loyal and there are plenty of people who loved me the way I am, and I'm forever grateful to have met all of them and they will remain in me forever. It might be my last dance so I hope everything will be perfect to say goodbye to the game what I love.