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August Donation Goal (€50.00 of €160.00)

Call of Duty 4

Summer League 2024

Our advice to you is to read the rules before playing!

1. Map veto and side choice

Map veto:
- Map veto is done on the website.
- If website is lagging or not responding, you may veto in-game.

Side on map:
- BO5, BO3, BO2 - Team 1 chooses side on Team 2's map, Team 2 chooses side on Team 1's map, decider = knife for side
- BO1 - knife for side

2. Team requirements

- Teams must have at least 5 players on their roster to play in the event.
- All players must be present in FPS Team & AC, otherwise forfeit can be applied, depends case by case (admin decision).
- All players must have a valid SteamID64.

3. Server settings

- Matches must be played on EU FPS Challenge servers if they are available.
- If both teams agree, you may also use FSHost servers in case the FPS Challenge servers lag.
- Every match is played on FPSPromod 270 or newer.
- Servers must be running on latest CoD4x version.
- Promod_Mode knockout_MR12 is to be used on map 1 and 2. Knockout_mr12_knife on the decider map if not stated otherwise in Ladder/Cup description.
- In case of a draw (12-12) overtime of MR3 is to be used.

4. Match rules

- Teams must play using a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5.
- A team may substitute a player in a timeout during the match as long as the player is listed on the team's roster.
- Every player must be running Steam during the match. It must also be the correct Steam account with the correct SteamID64 on your FPSChallenge profile.
- Readying up means agreeing to the players in the match. (SteamID's) and AC is ALWAYS mandatory. No matter what the teams agreed on.
- Mixers are NOT allowed. Killspecs are, they must be on the team roster and they must use the anticheat and have a valid SteamID64 on their profile.
- Sharing your login (letting someone else play on your account) will result in a permanent ban for both players.
- It is not permitted to have more than 1 account. If you accidentally created multiple accounts (forgot password/email), contact an admin to notify them.
- Creating a new account while banned to avoid the ban will result in the ban length being doubled.

5. Time allowance

- Teams have a maximum of 15 minutes to be ready on server when they have scheduled a match, forfeit can be claimed after 15 minutes.
- Teams have a maximum of 5 minutes to ready up during half-time (switching sides) and 10 minutes to ready up on map change. Opponent team has to warn the team first and have their own players all in the server and readied up in order to be able to claim a forfeit win.
- If you continue to play the match, even tho it take longer time, you lose the right to open a dispute.

6. Maplist

Each Cup/Ladder have its own map pool, if not, these are the official maps:

- mp_strike
- mp_citystreets
- mp_crash
- mp_crossfire
- mp_backlot_x
- mp_coastal
- mp_cluster

7. Server crashes

If a server crashes during the round, you have to replay from the beginning of that round.

8. Bugs & Glitches

- It is NOT permitted for any user to take advantage of map bugs (for example elevators, outside the boundaries of the map, under the map and so forth) or glitches during a match. This can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by an admin.
- Glitching is defined as moving or seeing through or over a physical object and is NOT permitted - for example Crash wooden stairs - gap in wood.
- Selfspec is not allowed => (looking downwards next to an object, or in any distance allowing you to see and not be seen (e.g.: A wooden on crash looking head down in the window allowing you to see people on the A site without them being able to see you).
- Clipping (crouch to stand -> stand to crouch) immediately is not allowed, you must wait atleast 0.4s so the character model is synced & can be seen properly, clipping attemps will be logged on server-side for each player. Clipping reports will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by admins, the user will be banned, starting with 1 week period.
- Grenade jumps and anything similar are NOT permitted.
- Straightforward jumps and those that do not involve any part of the in-game character moving through a physical object are allowed.
- Boosting is only allowed to boost players to spots where a player can get to by himself.
- Standing on another player's head to peek is also allowed, the above rule also applies.
- Boosting by shooting own players is not allowed. For every round this occurs, the round will be defaulted to the opposing team. If this occurs more than 2 times during the match it will be defaulted to the opposing team.
- Players who are caught using bugs, glitches or clipping immediately forfeit the round. If this occurs on more than 2 occasions then the map will be forfeited.
- Players are only allowed to bounce to places which can be reached without the use of a bounce. Bouncing to roofs and balconies which are unreachable in a normal way is prohibited.

List of allowed bounce spots that violates last rule:

Bounce on the edge of the balcony - 0:12

Bounce on the roof above A site and side balconies - 0:34
Bounce on the entrance B wall - 0:43

9. Cheating, Illegal Scripts & Binds

- Macros are not allowed.
- Double-switch binds in any form are not allowed.
- This also includes multi-command binds such as bind KEY "toggleads; +attack" on the scroll wheel.
- Using the scrollwheel to shoot is also illegal. This includes both binding +attack to your scrollwheel as well as scrolling very fast and then holding mouse1, which can be done with certain mice. (For example to spam your deagle quickly)
- Players caught using illegal scripts and binds including nade scripts and weapon next binds will receive a forfeit loss and be banned.
- This also includes binds to turn on certain things by using a bug exploit. Depending on the bind, the player can receive a ban for bug abuse.
- Any game modification understand as changing .iwd files of game (e.g. weapon or model skins)
- Using any third party software (e.g. nVidia Control Panel or RivaTuner) to tweak graphics settings to give you an advantage -for example Ambient Occlusion- is NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
- The FPS Challenge Anticheat is mandatory for all matches and you also must use proper match id.
- If a player did not use the anticheat, the team gets a forfeit loss.
- If the anticheat crashed or did not work as intended, it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the decision is up to the admins.
- If the anticheat catches a player using either: Macros via drivers / running macro application or by confige such as, but not limited to, weapnext, nadescripts, zoomscripts, fastshootscripts etc., the team receives a forfeit loss and the player will be banned as followed:

1st offence: 1 week ban
2nd offence: 1 month ban
3rd offence: 3 month ban
4th offence: 1 year ban
5th offence: permanent ban

If a player plays multiple matches but only gets caught in 1 match, only that match result will be overturned. So if a player did not trigger any violations in a match, that match will not be overturned.

To clarify, having scripts or illegal binds in your config at any time is considered illegal. Obviously, things such as scripts for moviemaking are legal. Anything related to gameplay is not, even if it hasn't been bound to a key.

10. Abuse

- A warning or ban will be given to any player found to be abusing another team/player. Multiple warnings may result in a ban.
- Abuse against an admin in game, dispute chat, private message or anywhere else will not be tolerated and may result in an instant ban.
- Rape threats
- Death threats
- Family threats
- Illness threats
- Doxing (Seeking / releasing private information)

11. Disputes, demos and screenshots

- Teams who wish to open a dispute for a breach of any of the above rules may do so by clicking the dispute button and entering a clear description. The case will then be handled by an admin. Do not PM an admin about this yourself.
- All matches played need to be recorded and demos should be kept until 48 hours after the match was played. Should a dispute be opened, demos should be kept until 48 hours after the dispute is solved. Failing to follow these rules will lead to a direct forfeit loss for the team.
- Teams have the right to request 5 demos from their opponents if they suspect foul play. If a demo is missing more than 3 rounds, then a default win for the map will be awarded to the opposing team.
- Teams/players must request a demo by writing it in the MATCH CHAT - a valid reason must be supplied. Do not open a dispute unless 24 hours have passed and no demo has been uploaded.
- Teams have 24 hours to ask for demos. The other team has 24 hours to provide the requested demos. A valid reason must be supplied. An example of this is: ''we suspect player X of using a wallhack''. A demo request is not valid without a good reason.
- If a demo is not uploaded after 24 hours, you may contact an admin via Discord and explain that a demo has not been uploaded.
- A demo upload may take longer than 24 hours, this can be decided by an admin. Exceptions include things such as a player being on holiday and being unable to reach their PC within the 24 hour mark. It will be discussed with an admin and a new time limit will be set in within the player can upload their demo.
- Players have 48 hours to make timestamps which will be reviewed by the demo crew immediately.
- Timestamps must be in the following format:
2-2 @ 1:30 - traces through the wall for 3 seconds
2-3 @ 0:43 - possible aim assist - his aim isn't on the player but still lands the kill
5-6 @ 0:22 – aims towards a player through the wall

- Demo request in Night Cups - teams have max 15mins after a match to provide evidence/timestamps, demos are available right after a match to download, if they are not, the suspected player must upload the demo immediately without any delay.

If you want admins to check the anticheat screenshots of a match, please open a dispute and tell admins which player(s) you suspect of cheating.



12. VM & Possession of Cheats

- Using a VM (Virtual Machine) to play is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
- The possession of cheats is also illegal, whether they are active COD4X cheats or not.