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Call of Duty 4

HOG x FPSChallenge CoD4 Resurrection LAN Zagreb 2023 - Interview: StuwOw (wildSTAR)

"Everyone is beatable so you're going to need to bring your A game as it’s going to be the most competitive LAN in years I would say." says StuwOw

1. Hello StuwOw, first of all I’d like to thank you for taking part in this interview. Would you introduce yourself to the people who do not know you?

Hi my name is Stuart, people know me as StuwOw, I have been playing video games since 2009 where I started playing Call of Duty 2/4.

2. Currently you are playing for team wildSTAR, could you tell us your story? How long has your team been playing together in this formation and how did you find each others?

We have been together for a few months now with absolutely NO line-up changes since the start which is a record for me xD, but we have formed a really great friendship within our group and things are starting to work a lot better for the us.

3. Your SMG duo (BunZ0RRR & TIGZ) are really promising. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team? How is the chemistry between you?

Both are under-rated if you ask me. On their day they can perform with the top SMG's. The chemistry between us is very good until we lose and it's then when I start to search for new players (only joking.) But everything is going good.

4. In 2022 you played on two international COD4 LANs in Zagreb and in Budapest with two different line-ups. How did you felt on these LANs last year? How would you rate your performance?

Personally, the first LAN in Budapest we performed extremely well getting through to the Playoffs where everyone thought we would be grouped. The highlight for me was beating fANN twice to eliminate him out the tournament as well as beating SamuelG and avoiding his knife skills. That was satisfying. Zagreb LAN was with a mix team where I personally thought I performed really well that’s all I have to say about that.

5. Your performance in FPSChallenge Autumn League 2023 Groups was a bit disappointing, you won only two games, and you stepped back later. How would you rate your online preparation (practice) matches in the last two months? Are you happy with the current form of your team? Did your team practice enough days according to you?

We played the League with 3 mixers stepping in so I wouldn’t be to be disappointed about that. We have prepared well, taking each day as it comes, always learning with LAN fast approaching so I am confident we will do well.

6. 16 teams are gonna participate on this LAN in Croatia now. What do you think about the teams in general? Which teams you consider as the biggest threat (rival) for team wildSTAR?

3 teams’ standout from the rest, which are qwertz, ULTRA and Unknown everyone else its up in the air. Everyone is beatable so you're going to need to bring your A game as it’s going to be the most competitive LAN in years I would say.

7. The Groups has been revealed few days ago, what do you think about the Groups? Are they balanced based on your opinion? Which one is the strongest and which one is the easiest according to you?

Personally Group A is the most competitive Group in my eyes, are they fair? That's irrelevant as you have to beat everyone to be the best right? So bring it on 😊.

8. What is your prediction about TOP3 of this LAN event? Based on your opinion which player(s) has the biggest chance to win the LAN MVP award?

1. qwertz, 2. ULTRA, 3. NFY. MVP ZEKO (if he can keep BENA sober for the Playoffs).

9. What are your expectations about your team’s performance on this Zagreb LAN? What kind of final result would you be satisfied with?


10. What do you think, which team will surprise the community? Who is your secret favourite, that is underestimated by the other teams, but you know they will perform really well?

I would like to see German Powerhouse do well especially mAx as he's such a nice guy. He deserves it.

11. We have seen some promising pictures from the LAN venue, and you already played in this esport arena. How would you rate the HOG esport arena? Are you feeling hyped about the upcoming event?

Starting to get hyped now its 1 week away, the HOG arena is great and everything you need is around you if you need it. It’s the best venue I have played at.

12. Thank you for taking part in the interview. Is there anything you'd like to add?

Shout out to qLimAxzU for helping us prepare for this LAN! We are all now racking up the assists due to TAGGING all the time Cheers Fred. <3