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Call of Duty 4

HOG x FPSChallenge CoD4 Resurrection LAN Zagreb 2023 - Interview: Patrykee (B43)

"I think there is no weak teams for real. Every team is decent, everyone can surprise anybody." says Patrykee

1. Hello Patrykee, first of all I’d like to thank you for taking part in this interview. Would you introduce yourself to the people who do not know you?

First of all, thank you very much for inviting me to the interview. I think I don't need to introduce myself, 75% of community knows me or has heard of me or get insulted by me XD but for the 25%: My name is Patryk „ Patrykee” and I'm the captain of team B43.

2. Currently you are playing for team B43, could you tell us your story? How long has your team been playing together in this formation and how did you find each others?

Team B43 was created almost 1 year ago before the previous Winter League. Together with Wafelsky and Destar we decided to create a full Polish team where it will be good atmosphere and it will be nice to play. Fagaro and Kub4w played with us before but now with Awake and Somek it’s better and we feel like we have been playing together for 10 years.

3. Unfortunately the community could not see you on the last three international LANs last year, but now everyone pays special attention to you and your team. Are you excited about the LAN? Have you used to go to LAN events before? How much LAN experience do you have from offline events?

I didn’t attend the previous 3 LAN’s but I supported Polish team’s there – Invalid. We are so excited about HOG LAN and we know that everyone pays special attention on us but we don't give a fuck, we are going there to have fun and meet there ours online friends (I'm sad that JEYZKAA not comming). Lan Experience hmmm it will be my first LAN ever, Wafelsky aswell, Awake was one time on CS:GO LAN, and Somek and Destar was like 20 times on LAN in Poland / EU so yeah will be funny. XD

4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team? How is the chemistry between you?

Our strenght is that we got 2 best shotgun players in whole community (me and Wafelsky), and our weaknesses hmm probably no one throw the rounds like we. XD I remember in Winter League Final (T2) we won crash from Defence vs Qlimaxzu team 10:2 and we draw it 12:12 but finally we won this map XD. The chemistry between us is amazing, escpecially between us and each other's mother hehe XD.

5. So far your performance in FPSChallenge Autumn League 2023 Groups was great, you could surprise the rivals, you won four games, and lost four games. You have promising chance to win another two matches. How would you rate your online preparation (practice) matches in the last two months? Are you happy with the current form of your team? Did your team practice enough days according to you?

We practice when we can with full squad, but sometimes we just using subs (especially Tonez, Remes and Kicker). Activities from us or from other teams it’s suprising low before LAN.

6. You and your teammates made special attention to individual practice, you were really active in soloQ, especially you. You played more than 600 normal soloQ games and more than 200 soloQ invite games. How can you allocate so much time to play that much with our beloved game?

Pause – If anyone wants to know how, please send me a private message. Halo SUNSPINX I'm still waiting for a job as soloQ Admin! XD

7. 16 teams are gonna participate on this LAN in Croatia now. What do you think about the teams in general?

I think there is no weak teams for real. Every team is decent, everyone can surprise anybody.

8. The Groups has been revealed few days ago, what do you think about the Groups? Are them balanced based on your opinion? Which one is the strongest and which one is the easiest according to you?

Both groups are decent, especially the group A will be very interesting and there might be some suprises.

9. Which teams you consider as the biggest threat (rival) for team B43?

We are not afraid of anyone - We don't give a fuck. My shotgun is waiting for qwertz team hehe ;]

10. What is your prediction about TOP3 of this LAN event? Based on your opinion which player(s) has the biggest chance to win the LAN MVP award?

Qwertz, Unknown Gaming, NFY this is my top 3. LAN MVP – Hava Terminator.

11. What are your expectations about your team’s performance on this Zagreb LAN? What kind of final result would you be satisfied with?

As I mentioned earlier we just going there to have fun and meet our online friends, we dont have any expectations.

12. What do you think, which team will surprise the community? Who is your secret favorite, that is underestimated by the other teams, but you know they will perform really well?

I think this time NFY / Victory Wings / WAPANDA will suprise the community and they can perform very well on LAN.

13. Plenty of players doubted whether you would actually participate in the LAN event. Certain players were very hostile to you and you had conflict also with some of players. Are you excited to show the community what you can do offline? What would you message to these doubters?

If anyone really knows me, they know that im trolling / baiting 75% of the time XD. Message to these doubters hmmm – potrenuj XD

14. We have seen some promising pictures from the LAN venue. How would you rate the HOG esport arena? Are you feeling hyped about the upcoming event?

We are very excited and can’t wait to start playing. I hope it will be great event for everyone. :D

15. Thank you for taking part in the interview. Is there anything you'd like to add?

See you Guys on LAN.